We’re thrilled to announce that we now represent Andy Goodman!

Click the image below to see his portfolio…

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Crispin Finn – Supermarket Sweep

Crispin Finn take us on a colourful journey through the supermarket shelves. Click here to see their new portfolio…

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Richard Hogg – Hip Hip Hooray! Hohokum Released!



HOHOKUM_Forest_Plateau_Screenshot004_1400078313-720x405 copy

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Richard Hogg – Hohokum for Sony

The secret is finally out, click on the image below to find out more.

Richard Hogg HOHOKUM

Richard Hogg HOHOKUM kites

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Richard Hogg – Greenwich Park At Night

This mysterious picture of Major General James Wolfe, the Meridian laser, Canary Wharf and the dome is a still from a film Richard recently made for the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. It is part of their Measuring The Universe exhibition. The film will be coming online soon but in the meantime go and see the exhibition or check out Gavin Lucas’ review here.

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Richard Hogg – Frobisher game launches

Richard Hogg has been working on an exciting new video game, Frobisher Says, which was launched yesterday.

Frobisher Says….watch this trailer.

Here’s the trailer:

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