About us

Siobhan Squire is a dynamic London based creative agency representing internationally acclaimed photographers and artists working in stills, film and digital media. We draw upon 20 years of experience and longstanding relationships with leading advertising agencies and brands worldwide to create award-winning campaigns across the fields of advertising, editorial and fine art.

Our approach is curatorial and with a strong vision; each of our artists has been carefully chosen for their unique, cohesive and distinctive style. Dedication to maintaining the balance of commissioned work, alongside nurturing our artists personal creative art projects, has led to many special and enduring relationships with both our artists’ and wider production team.

We manage every aspect of shoot production in-house, working alongside an experienced team of stylists, casting agents and location managers to produce seamless and cost effective productions for our clients. Experience and lateral thinking allows us to quickly, efficiently and consistently deliver the highest possible standards.


20 Northampton Park London, N1 2PJ
+44 (0)20 7288 1422